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Empowering Your Journey to Optimal Health and Enhanced Wellness

Discover a new standard in healthcare with Restoration Health & Wellness. Our membership-based practice in Dripping Springs offers a unique blend of functional and conventional medicine tailored to prevent illness and optimize health.

– Jenny Glasshagel, FNP-C

Meet Your Provider

Putting Your Health First

Jenny Glasshagel, FNP-C, is Restoration Health’s founder, ready to help you navigate your health with a personalized plan and hands-on approach. As a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with over two decades of experience in the medical field, she knows that direct care is the best way to maintain your health and prevent chronic conditions.

Extensive Experience to Help You Heal

Jenny earned a Master of Science in Nursing from Loyola University Chicago. She tailored her education around as much “complementary” medicine as possible, knowing this would be the best way to provide better patient outcomes.

Jenny’s experience includes conventional medicine and holistic or integrative approaches to help patients get a broader plan for better health. Her career includes experience in many medical fields, such as primary care, emergency medicine, radiology, pediatrics, physical medicine, and surgery. She brings those experiences and her understanding of pain management, regenerative medicine, aesthetics, and integrative medicine to her new practice. The result is a unique ability to create a personalized, holistic plan for each of her patients.

Empower Your Health, Enhance Your Life

At Restoration Health & Wellness, we redefine healthcare for Dripping Springs and the surrounding areas through our innovative membership-based model. Our unique approach combines the best of functional and conventional medicine, focusing on preventative care and treating the root causes of illness, not just the symptoms. With extended consultation times, advanced diagnostic tools, and personalized care plans, we provide a healthcare experience tailored to each individual’s needs. Join us and experience healthcare prioritizing your wellness and empowering you towards a healthier, more vibrant life. Choose Restoration Health & Wellness for a partner committed to your long-term health and well-being.

Extended Consultation Times

Integrative Medicine Approach

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

Personalized and Direct Care

Hill-Country Life

When she’s not seeing patients, Jenny enjoys life in the Texas Hill Country with her husband, two kids, dogs, and chickens in Dripping Springs. She’s an animal lover and enjoys hiking, reading, and doing anything by the water.

Meet Shawn, Restoration Health’s Managing Medical Assistant and Nutritional Health Coach

Join us in welcoming Shawn, Restoration Health’s Managing Medical Assistant and Nutritional Health Coach! She joined us in March 2024 and hit the ground running to help our patients find the right path to their healthiest selves.

Extensive Wellness and Healthcare Experience

Shawn brings more than 10 years of experience in wellness and healthcare. She is a certified medical assistant and phlebotomist. She has experience in genetics and functional medicine from some of the area’s most prominent providers. Previously she was a massage and acupressure specialist, giving her in-depth knowledge of working with patients to meet their goals. She also ran an IV clinic for a local genetics specialist and managed a growing functional clinic.

With a passion for functional medicine, Shawn is dedicated to helping patients get healthy and feel better. “I’m excited to work alongside Jenny in her pursuit to integrate functional medicine into the medical community,” she says.

Animal Lover and Marathon Runner

Shawn leads an active life outside of the clinic, where she enjoys running with her husband and daughter. Recently they did the yearly half-marathon at the Salmagundi Trail together. The family enjoys playing with their cat and dog and hopes to have enough land someday to take in rescue animals.

Launching a Nutrition Program at Restoration Health

As our nutrition coach with a nutrition certification, Shawn will launch Restoration Health’s nutrition program in late summer 2024. Initially, she’ll focus on nutritional programs related to healthy weight management, gut health, food sensitivities, and anti-inflammatory eating.

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