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Patient Story: Dan


Jenny Glasshagel

A New Life with Weight Loss and Knee Replacement

Dan is 62 years old with three grown children and one four-year-old granddaughter. A few years ago, he and his doctors decided that knee replacement surgery in both knees would improve his quality of life. However, he also learned that he would have to lose a significant amount of weight before his surgeon would operate on him.

At the time, Dan weighed over 400 lbs. He was nervous about losing over 100 lbs to get the right BMI for surgery. In the summer of 2022, he started working with Jenny Glasshagel, NP, to create a plan to lose weight and get his new knees.

Developing a Personalized Strategy

Jenny started by running bloodwork for Dan, making sure that he was healthy enough to use weight loss drugs. He had previously tried semaglutide to lose weight but didn’t find it effective. Jenny recommended tripeptide for Dan because the drug tended to be better tolerated by patients and had fewer side effects.

Using the new drug, Dan shed nearly 125 lbs in a year. He also lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol and reduced his use of other drugs to manage those conditions. Jenny continued to run tests and blood work on Dan throughout the process to ensure his health improved and that he was on the right weight loss medication.

At one point, Dan said he was feeling good but extremely tired. “Jenny listened to me and ran some more tests,” he says. She discovered that my iron levels were very low, so she prescribed some IV infusions.” Jenny got five iron infusions approved through Dan’s insurance, which brought his levels back up. “We’re still managing it,” he says, “but now I use beef liver supplements.”

A New Life Thanks to Knee Surgery and Weight Loss

Dan had both knees replaced in 2023 and found that his life was much better after his recovery. He credits Jenny’s ability to create structure and find a way to maintain balance with his newfound zest for life.

“If it hadn’t been for her getting me to lose the weight, I would never have had my knees replaced,” he shares. “It was a life-changing event for me. I went from being unable to do anything to doing everything – I can get on the floor, play with my granddaughter, and play golf with my sons.”

Thanks to the weight loss, he says he’s also more comfortable in other areas of life. “I can sit in a restaurant booth,” he says, “or cross my legs when sitting in a chair. It’s the little things that make a difference that you hadn’t thought about before.”

Ongoing Care at Restoration Health

Dan is still working on managing his weight loss as well as pain and other conditions as he ages. Jenny provides support through blood work, other testing, supplements, and medication. Together, they’re working to manage Dan’s thyroid, iron levels, and other conditions. His life is completely changed.

Dan recommends visiting Jenny and Restoration Health sooner rather than later for anyone who wants to lose weight for surgery, reduce the risk of chronic conditions, or improve their quality of life.

“I truly wish I could have done it earlier,” he says. “I tried for years and years to lose weight and just never could. Jenny said, ‘Let’s try tirzepatide!’ the rest is history.”

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