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Patient Story: Cathy


Jenny Glasshagel

Finding the Right Care By Looking at the Whole Picture

Cathy is 66 years old. She loves traveling and spending time with her kids and grandkids now that she’s retired. But in the past few years, she started feeling fatigued, having trouble with her weight, and, despite treatment, had dangerously high cholesterol levels.

“I just felt off,” she says, “and every doctor I saw told me to eat right and exercise more.”

After taking her doctors’ advice but finding her weight didn’t budge, she still felt tired and sluggish, and her medications weren’t working; Cathy decided it was time to find different answers.

Turning to Her Daughter to Get the Whole Picture

Cathy was in luck: her daughter, Jenny, is a medical provider at Restoration Health. “Jenny would get so aggravated every time I told her what the doctor said,” Cathy says. “She’d ask, ‘Why didn’t they look at X, Y, or Z and get the whole picture?’ So finally, I just said, ‘I’m all yours.’”

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Jenny went to work, treating her mother like any other patient. She started with a series of labs and bloodwork to learn more about what was troubling her. After getting a complete picture of Cathy’s metabolism, hormones, and other factors, Jenny was able to make several suggestions that weren’t just “eat better and exercise more.”

Cathy started taking some supplements that Jenny recommended. When Cathy started seeing results, they added some hormonal supplements as well. “The hormones were a life-changer; I felt like myself again,” Cathy says.

Making Progress Every Day

Now, Cathy says she feels livelier and less fatigued. Over the past two years of treatment with Jenny, Cathy has shed 60 lbs and is walking 3-5 miles daily. She was even able to stop taking the statins she’d been on for 35 years to manage her cholesterol.

“I still have to try, but I’m making progress, and these are things I wouldn’t have been able to do years ago,” she says.

After visiting so many doctors who would treat each of her issues separately, Cathy says she would recommend visiting Jenny or someone like her, especially if you’re a woman, to get the whole picture of your health.

“It’s not just one aspect,” she says. “Find somebody you’re comfortable with and look at the whole picture, not just one symptom at a time.”

While her opinion of Jenny was already high because she’s her mother, Cathy says she was impressed with how committed Jenny was to finding the right solution for her health and how quickly those solutions started to work.

“She really believes in what she does, and it shows in her results,” Cathy says. “Give her the opportunity to help you and she will do it.”

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