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Healthcare Options Comparison

How Does Restoration Health & Wellness compare to other medical providers in services, cost, and approach?

CompareRestoration Health & WellnessFunctional Medicine ProvidersConventional Medicine
Appointment Duration30-90 minutes30-90 minutes5-20 minutes
Care ApproachPreventive; Integrative; Root CausePreventive; Varies by ProviderFocus on Sick Care
Lab TestingAdvanced focus on health metricsExtensive; provider-dependentBasic yearly: 8-10 biomarkers
Medication Management integrated conventional and functional medicineComprehensive: 48 biomarkers, including advanced panels*Yes, conventional
Integration of Medicine a key differentiatorLimited; often shuns non-root cause approachesMedication-based, little health promotion
Education on Nutraceuticals/Supplements
Advanced Hormone TherapyMost likely
Weight ManagementIntegrative, focused on long-term healthVaries
Peptide TherapyProvider dependent
Advanced Lab Tests includes GI MAP, genetic testing, etc.
Body Composition AnalysisRarely uses BMIVariesRarely, uses BMI
Direct Messaging with ProviderTypically yes
Written Health Plan
Membership Costs$199-299/month$300+/month OR $1500-$5000 for packagesInsurance or Concierge $99-$199/month
Speciality & Compounded Medication CostsPeptides $100-300/month, Hormone Therapy $75-145/monthPeptides $500-800/month, Hormone Therapy $100-300/monthNot typically offered
Lab CostsInsurance or OOP discounts; $300-600 for full panelOut-of-pocket $500-$3000+Limited by insurance coverage

* Our lab panel typically includes inflammatory markers, cardiovascular, inflammatory markers, advanced lipid panel w/ lipoprotein fractions, omega fatty acid panel, glucose & insulin resistance panel, the most commonly deficient vitamins & minerals, liver & kidney function studies, blood counts, sex hormone panel (testosterone, estrogen, etc.), full thyroid panel w/ auto-antibody testing, and urine analysis, and any other labs that are needed specific to your case